Charlie Trumpess

Copywriter & Marketer

Charlie Trumpess, DipM, MCIM, CM is a highly experienced marketing professional and copy writer. Charlie has worked for numerous technology companies across Northern Europe on a wide range of communications projects. Contact him today

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Business Literature

Today, glossy printed brochures might seem expensive, outdated and ecologically unsound. Surely, video and social media is much cheaper and more on trend? Well, not if you are a luxury brand whose wealthy customers have very clear expectations and demands. The message and the medium of your marketing communications must match the audiences you want to reach. Over the years, I have written everything from corporate brochures to annual reports and technical manuals. Certainly, a lot of corporate literature is now consumed as digital content such as blog posts and PDFs. Nevertheless, there is still a place for the printed word when you understand the audience, objective and context of the communication.

Proposals, Reports, Tenders

Corporate communications often have to turn cold, hard facts into compelling stories that engage, inspire and inform. Proposals, annual reports and tender documents must be written with clarity, brevity and precision. They must also convey brand personality with the right style and tone of voice.