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Charlie Trumpess, DipM, MCIM, CM is a highly experienced marketing professional and copy writer. Charlie has worked for numerous technology companies across Northern Europe on a wide range of communications projects. Contact him today

Job done

On receiving your initial project brief I will ask lots of questions.  Next, depending on the nature of the job, I will submit a detailed proposal, including initial creative thinking, outline project plan, delivery timetable and realistic cost estimate.


I offer complete price transparency. That means any third party supplier costs will never be marked up, although I will charge for time spent on research, negotiating the best deal and project management.

Rate card

Day rates:

Marketing consultancy £320
Copy writing £320
Project Management £200
Research £175 plus any travel expenses
Please contact me if you would prefer to agree a project price rather than use day rates. We also offer special rates for charities, not-for-profit and small business discounts – just ask.

Terms & conditions of business:

Marketing consultancy and/or copywriting charged at £40.00 per hour (£320 standard 8 hour day) without otherwise agreed in writing prior to commencement of project.

Any quotation given will be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of submission.

Subject to a positive company credit check 40% of the quotation for marketing consultancy and copywriting must be paid by the client before work commences. The final 60% will then be paid once all work has been completed and approved. This final payment should be made within 21 days from the date issued on our invoice. 

Jobs priced on a project basis rather than a day rate will be charged at an overall fee agreed with the client prior to commencement (full terms and conditions presented at proposal stage). Projects will be invoiced 50% at outset and 50% on completion subject to a positive company credit check.

A cancellation fee will be charged if the client wishes to cancel the contract prior to completion. This figure will be calculated on how much work has been completed and projected losses by us.

The full payment of all invoices is due within 21 days of receipt. Payment should be made by PayPal or BACs (bank details available on request).

Additional work such as editing, proof-reading, design and any other out of scope work (items not included in the original agreed quote or project proposal) will be charged at £40.00 per hour. Any work conducted during weekends will be charged at time and a half e.g. £480 for a standard 8 hour day.

Any client changes, alterations or additions to the project not priced at proposal stage, included in original brief or agreed on commencement will be charged at the quoted hourly rates.

100% of media and other third party supplier costs will be paid in advance prior to booking by Charles Trumpess or his agents.

All supplier costs will be charged to you, the client, inclusive of VAT. The cost of materials, couriers and travel expenses charged separately (proof of purchase receipts made available on request).

LATE PAYMENT: The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 entitles Charles Trumpess or his agents to charge interest at 8% above the UK base rate, calculated daily, on all invoices not paid within 21 days, as stated in Terms and Conditions of Business. 

Once paid for in full, marketing materials such as designs, plans, text, video, photography, sound recordings, trademarks and characters will become the property of the client. 

Once paid for, or once marketing campaigns go live, any work provided by Charles Trumpess or his agents will be deemed complete and any subsequent work will need to be charged for. It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that all work and marketing materials they have received meet the specification they require.


Charlie Trumpess

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